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"Recently, I was referred to Dr. Todd for a spine issue. Upon scheduling the appointment, I knew I had made the correct call. The staff members who helped me schedule the appointment were courteous and knowledgeable, and above all made me feel welcome and were happy to help out. When I arrived at the office, my feelings were confirmed. Dr. Todd is really excellent. He was very professional throughout the entire process, and helped me feel much better about the situation. Dr. Todd was very respectful, and answered every question I had without missing a beat. It was obvious that Dr. Todd was incredibly well versed in his field, as he was able to explain the entire procedure in words even I could understand. I could not have felt more comfortable after seeing Dr. Todd. Since my procedure, my ailment has been completely resolved, and Dr. Todd is to thank for that. His postoperative care was impeccable. While I would never wish for any of my family or friends to have to see a spine and neurosurgeon, I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Todd to them. My experience was flawless."

Jack S.

"I was referred to Dr. Todd for a brain malformation, which required immediate attention. After meeting with him, I would describe Dr. Todd in one word, “excellent.”  From his awesome office staff, to his incredible attention to detail, he put my mind at ease, both literally and figuratively. Not only does Dr. Todd have an impressive mastery of the field, he is able to explain the processes and procedures that he’ll be undertaking for the everyday person like myself. I knew I was in good hands after I met with him, and the care I received was perfectly in line with that. After my experience with Dr. Todd, my malformation has been completely repaired, and my after-surgical care has been excellent as well. At every stage, he and his staff were helpful, courteous, and professional. I would highly recommend him and his practice for anyone in need of neurosurgical care. A+."

Henry J.

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