Dr. Frederick Todd specializes in highly individualized and analytical patient care. He utilizes fundamental, time-tested principles of excellent medical practice combined with the leading edge of neurosurgical, endovascular and neuroradiological technologies.  Although ultra-modern technologies are essential to best patient care, maintaining a personal interaction with our patients is of greater importance at Arlington Neurosurgical and Spine Associates.

All of us at Arlington Neurosurgery and Spine Associates work as a team.  We take our commitment very seriously and will do all we can for your physical health and peace of mind.  We will take a history of your condition and general health, perform a physical examination and review any imaging studies or diagnostic studies you have had.  We will prepare a report summarizing our findings and will make recommendations for treatment.  We will discuss this report in detail with you, and will send a copy to your referring physician.

Spinal Procedures

Spinal Procedures

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